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Baby and Me Bootcamp

Bring your baby to class with you! These 11 weeks will gradually progress you to get stronger and feel more powerful in this "Bootcamp" style class. Get a great workout and have fun with other Moms too!


This class is a mix of pilates and ballet. Come work on your balance and strength at the same time!

Beginner Spincycle

New to spincycle or wanting to review and refine your technique? This class is designed especially for you. This class is to get participants comfortable on spincycle bikes, and then increase the intensity each class! It is recommended to do this class if you are new to spin bikes and cycling.

Butts and Guts Bosu

The ultimate midsection toner with the added challenge of using the BOSU ball for many of the exercises.

Cycle Yoga

An indoor cycle class with a yoga twist to finish off

Gentler Mix'n It Up

Get in the groove with this class that's always changing and challenging the cardiovascular and muscular systems! Designed for older adults, but anyone is welcome.

Move It and Lose It

Sign up for this class and get ready to work! Using the amazing MoveBall for resistance, perform some great cardio moves for short periods of time. This class also utilizes the TRX for some movements to work towards developing full body strength.

Multi Bench Step Class

Step class but better! Some step class experience would help with this class. Using more then one bench at a time this class will get your heart rate up and your brain working.

Mom and Baby Yoga

Bring your baby to your yoga class! Meet other moms, and learn new poses. Recommended for moms with 3 month old-18 month old babies.

Paddleboarding Fitness

This incredible fun class is a fusion of fitness intervals and yoga and can accommodate all ages and physical abilities. End the session with a relaxing stretch/yoga float! You’ll see improvements to your core strength, muscle tone, balance and endurance.


Using Ripstix®, lightly weighted drumsticks engineered specifically for exercising, POUND® transforms drumming into a great workout.


Want to stay fit this summer but also stay outside and spend quality time with your little one? Stroller-size is a class that keeps you moving and healthy while you walk outside with your stroller of course. Meet at the Aqua-fit centre.


This class uses physical yoga poses and breath work to provide a great whole body work out. Calm and clear the mind, increase lung capacity, build strength, flexibility and endurance in the body. This class does involve sequencing and is not recommended for beginners.

Prenatal Yoga

Specifically designed yoga classes for the soon-to-be mom!

Yoga Foundations 1

New to yoga or wanting to review and refine your technique? This class is designed especially for you. Postures will be broken down, and proper alignment and breathing techniques explained. This class provides a strong foundation on which to build your yoga practice, and a great full body workout. Take your first step towards a healthier, happier you.

Yoga Foundations 2

The next step after you have completed Yoga foundations 1 or have similiar yoga experience


The Latin inspired, easy to follow, calorie-burning, dance fitness party. Feel the music and let loose. Join the party!!!