Teen/Adult Specialty Courses

Are you looking to learn how to swim as an adult and not sure where to start, or are you looking to advance your training in the Aquatic field? Check out our Adult and Teen programs to meet your aquatic needs.

Adult and Teen Combined Class

All swimming abilities are welcome!!! Teens and adults alike will develop water confidence and smooth, strong strokes to use for lane swimming. When ready, you will do floats, glides and kicking on your front and back without assistance. You will even explore jumping into deep water and treading water with a PFD on. Fitness drills suitable for your skill level will increase your strength and endurance. For the more advanced adult and teen swimmers it is now time to master your lifesaving kicks and swimming strokes. With the interval training and sprint racing drills you will work on a 300 metre endurance workout. Shallow dives, stride jumps and compact jumps put some spice into class, along with underwater swims to recover objects, and underwater back somersaults. Let your instructor know the skills you would like to work on.

LSS - Bronze Star 5 Classes

Train to become a lifeguard sooner! Once you have completed your Bronze Star you can take Bronze Medallion before you are 13 years of age. Develop your basic safety, fitness and lifesaving skills. It is recommended that you have completed Red Cross swim level 10 prior to registering.

LSS - Bronze Medallion / Cross Combo 10 Classes

LSS - National Lifeguard Package 5 Classes

RC - Water Safety Instructor (WSI) 5 Classes

The Water Safety Instructor Course focuses on planning and teaching the Red Cross Swim continuum, instructional emergency response skills and instructional techniques specific to our programs. The certification issued allows candidates to teach all the Red Cross Swim programs. Duration: 25 hours, additional 9-11 hours teaching experience will be required after the completion of the in classroom course. Evaluation: All course components, including the teaching experience, are evaluated against specific performance criteria on a pass/fail basis. The performance criteria are located in the Water Safety Instructor Manual. Certification: Upon successful completion, candidates are certified as Water Safety Instructors, which allows them to teach Red Cross Swim programs.